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Search engine optimisation is a complex yet simple science but it does require specialist skills. With a growing popularity, and more competition, SEO is now an essential component in achieving a successful web site marketing strategy.

Search engine optimisation is similar to any advertising medium. If you were to place an advertisement in the Yellow Pages, then you are trying to generate more business from the advertisement. The Yellow Pages have an established reader base and therefore will generate business dependant on your advertising budget. In theory the more you spend, the more business you should generate. However generating leads from your website is even better because your users are searching products or services that you offer and when your site is optimised correctly you will be ranked in a position on the search results to engage the user to come and visit your web site.

So how does all this relate to SEO and your web site. The internet has grown at an enormous rate and search engine marketing is now an essential component in generating traffic to your web site. The key to generating targeted traffic sales and leads to your web site is developed using a successful search engine marketing strategy. SEO is the skill of creating a relevant search result for search engine users by incorporating relevant keywords, link building and a creating a theme for the purpose of index identification within any of the major search engines. Search engine companies today use quite complex algorithms to determine how to index a web site for search engine rankings. They do this by crawling a web site searching for keywords, links and content to create a relevant theme and are constantly changing their indexing algorithms to provide a better results for search engine users. What we do is get your web site ranking for the keyword phrases that match your business and that have significant search traffic and direct it to your website.

Search Engine Strategy

Before starting any SEO work, a strategy needs to be developed. Having a strategy provides a clear guideline for what is to be achieved.

We have a six step strategy in designing a SEO campaign for clients.

The online market is becoming more competitive as marketers are realising the potential of online advertising and how incorporating your website as part of your overall marketing campaign can have tremendous results. Our SEO strategy for your website is to provide effective long term results with ongoing search engine optimisation of your web site. The majority of websites can rank very well in the natural search results if a continuous SEO strategy is maintained however web site owners have a false perception that a once off SEO solution offered by other companies will yield good results. Following this approach may provide a short burst in results but they will be short and it won't be long before your rankings are slipping back away. Our solution is geared at creating results that keep you at the top of the competition for the long term.