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Bargraph32 Pay Per Click Advertising Management

Interested in advertising online? Sydney FX is now offering for a limited number of clients, managed pay per click advertising on Googles search results pages using the Google Adwords advertising programme. Our PPC managed service is tailored to meet your business requirements and provide a measurable method of determining the effectiveness of your online marketing campaign.

What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is a paid online advertising campaign displayed on Googles search results pages. Red boxes in the example below, show the placement of Google Adwords ads on a typical Google search results page.


Google Adwords is designed to allow your customers to find you at the exact time they are looking for your products or services. Adwords allows you to define related search phrases to your business and then displays your ad any time that a customer is searching for those particular keyword phrases. With such a targeted advertising campaign, a higher return on investment is easily attainable for your advertising budget compared to other advertising mediums.

Pay Per Click Professional Campaign Management

We offer a Adwords management solution providing businesses with an opportunity to achieve a higher return on investment of their online advertising campaign using the Google Adwords solution.

Our service includes creating a targeted keyword list to match your business products or services. We analyse your website and focus on providing you the most highly targeted advertising campaign to produce the highest lead / sales conversions and lower cost per acquisition per lead / sale.

Monthly campaign reports of your campaign provide you detailed analytics for easily measurable return on investment.

Our Professional PPC Campaign Management Highlights