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DIY SEO/PPC vs Hiring an Agency/Consultant?

This is a question I hear people ask often. Should you do your own online marketing or hire an agency or SEO consultant to do the work for you? We're going to look a few factors when deciding if doing your online marketing yourself makes business sense.

Money vs Time

The first question you need to ask is how much time vs money do you have? If you have an abundance of money then you may find it better to work on what your business does and not spend your time working on SEO tasks. If you have a successful business your time is probably worth more than the SEO fees that you would be paying outsourcing SEO. On the other hand if your business is quite and you have time but lacking in funds it can't hurt your business by working on promoting it online and doing it yourself.

Value for Money

How much growth are you getting from your online marketing? It comes down to return on investment. With any marketing you should be trying to measure performance. We can often just jump in spend time and money and hope for the best based on some hope we have in our heads, but the reality is as business people we need to measure how well it performs.

Make a profit on your time or money spent advertising online

The price of outsourcing PPC or SEO can vary depending on the agency or consultant and it really doesn't matter if they produce results. If you make a profit on what you spend on your online marketing efforts, and that margin is significant enough, you will want to keep doing it. If your doing it yourself, you need to ask how much is my time worth and then work out what you need to generate in revenue for your efforts to be viable.

Understand what you need to do

If your going to do your own online marketing, then you must understand as least the basics of what you need to be doing. You will need a broad set of basic skills in web and basic online tools like how to upload your site, make changes, add content, brand external social networks like Twitter and Facebook and have the software to do it yourself. If all of that seems daunting then outsourcing it may be a better option at least until you have enough knowledge to do it yourself.

The rewards are worth it

Regardless of which option you choose, if you online marketing is consistent and effective, the results will be worth it. Ranking for high volume keywords can and does generate significant business and providing your business makes a profit on the cost of that marketing, you will be very happy seeing how easy your business can grow when you reach your target market.

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