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How to Get Your Website on Google

Let's set the scene here and pretend we have a brand new shiny website ready to show off to your customers and bring in more business. Your website is up and running but nobody knows that your business can be found online, what to look for to find you or even when they do know your business name it doesn't show up in Google's search results.

For you customers to be able to find you on Google, you first need to let Google know you are there. If Google doesn't know then they can't share your beautiful site with people looking for businesses like yours. If you don't already have a Google account, get over to Google's webmaster tools and signup to register your site. This is probably the easiest and effective way for Google to know your website is there. It's a free tool and provides you lots of information about your website.

Get links from reputable websites

If you get links from existing website that have been around for sometime, it won't be long before you find your website listed in Google too. Don't put too much pressure on yourself to find lots of links just a handful from reputable sites.

What happens now?

Once Google knows your website is online, they have their automated Google bot go and visit your website. Google bot crawls (reads) your website content, follows any internal and external links and determines what your website is about based on that content. All that information is then stored on Google's servers and they can then start showing your website in their search results.

How long does it take to be listed?

Nobody can answer that specifically however it generally only takes a few days to a week. If it's taking longer than that then there may be an issue where Google cannot for some technical reason crawl your website and add it to their search index.

My website doesn't show up for any searches?

Once your website is listed in Google's index you should at least be able to find your website by doing a domain name search. So if your domain name is then typing in the search "Fruity Flowers" into Google should show your website at the top of the search results. Your brand is generally always ranked 1 on the search results once Google knows you business is online.

If you can't find your business for other search terms related to what you do then you need to invest some of your marketing budget into PPC or SEO marketing.

Your websites should now be listed in Google's index

After a week you should be finding your business brand at the top of the search results when you search for it on Google.

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