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Is Your Business Ready to Start Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing has become a hot topic among internet marketers and business owners thanks to the massive and still largely untapped potential it offers. Here’s a look at some of the basic facts and trends relating to social media marketing.

What is social media marketing?

Simply put, social media marketing is any form of marketing involving the use of social networks or other social media platforms. The wide reach of services like Facebook and Twitter means that it’s natural for companies to want to use them for advertising purposes.

All of the major platforms offer advertising services, most of which operate on a pay-per-click or similar basis. Facebook, for example, allows advertisers ads that include text and images, some of which allow users to “Like” the ad, which helps to increase the exposure of the ad among that user’s group of friends. YouTube allows advertisers to promote their videos so that they appear at the top of search results lists, or to place ads in videos. Twitter, meanwhile, has rolled out a service which gives advertisers the opportunity to purchase their own trending topics, or to get their tweets displayed at the top of results lists for other topics.

How is social media marketing helpful?

Social media marketing is an enticing possibility for advertisers because it allows them to connect with large audiences in a more personal and direct way than what older forms of media have been able to offer. The aforementioned Facebook “Like” function, for example, allows consumers to essentially give your product or service their seal of approval, and when this happens, it creates awareness among friends of the users who “Liked” the ad. A successful ad can reach new levels of exposure through this sort of chain reaction.

In addition to simply placing your ads on these services, social media platforms offer businesses a whole new set of tools with which to expand and improve their marketing efforts. For example, businesses can post videos to YouTube and then embed them on their own websites or blogs. This is an easy way to add rich media to your website and to give viewers the opportunity to interact with others who have seen your content.

Facebook and Twitter functionality can also be integrated into your website and overall marketing strategy in a number of ways. Web designers stay up-to-date on the technical aspect of social media marketing as a matter of course, and they can help you make the most of these ever-expanding opportunities.

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